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Via Perini N.6 | Ostra Vetere 60010 (AN)



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Versatility, computing power and ease of use are the strengths of our product offer. The IEI-CN control allows, with its compact and simple to...

IEI-CN Advanced Features

CNC with ISO language and PLC programmable in "C" language Linear and circular interpolation Tangent and gantry axes management Real-time coordinate conversion for...

Drive Link X-Bus su IEI-CN

Quick connection for multi-axis systems   Shop Now   The Drive link X-Bus allows you to directly connect LT4 or DCS4 drivers to an IEI-CN card with a...

AxDev Driver and CN Programming Software

AxDev is the configuration software supplied free of charge with all Hexar products. Complete operator panel PC connection with USB, LAN or serial Driver...