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HMI 7” RS485 - Hexar

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HMI 7” RS485

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Capacitive touch screen operating panel, connects to our drivers, PLC, CNC via Modbus RTU 485.

Through the dedicated development environment (IDE), the operator can create pages with Menus, Buttons, Images, Sliders, Meters and other widgets.

The project can be simulated on a PC and then it can be downloaded via the serial port or via the SD memory.

The IDE is intuitive, has a built-in font generator and the Lua script compiler. IDE supports common operational functions such as image zooming, text editing and item copying. IDE contains a debug to check the communication protocol.



CPU 800MHz 32-bit dual-core processor
Size 7 inch
Resolution 800*480
Installation Display 0°/90°/180°/270°
Memory space 128Mbit
Color 65K color,16-bit RGB
Voltage 4.5-30V
Voltage 1200~921600bps,typical baud rate:115200bps
Image Local Download SD card
Real-time clock(RTC) Support clock,countdown, timer,etc.function
Product Dimension(L*W*H) 188.9mm*105.1mm*16.7mm