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Stepper / DC driver

High performance Stepper driver, current vector control, closed loop encoder, PLC on board programmable in “C”, suitable for multi-axis systems with the X-Bus drive link.


Plc completely programmable in C language, also allows connection in Profinet / Modbus TCP of LT4 and DCS4 drivers via the X-Bus drive link.

Strepper Motors

Hexar distributes high quality stepper motors built with first choice materials with the aim of having excellent performance and maximum reliability.


The electronics and software are designed exclusively by Hexar, to offer the highest quality, performance and flexibility.

Vector stepper drives and hybrid motors.
A perfect match.

The range of drives has an innovative current control that allows you to achieve exceptional motion performance and with an incredible reduction in motor overheating. The driver is not just power, having a software plc inside that makes it easy to integrate any customization on the piloting. The AxDev programming environment integrates a complete measurement of all motion characteristics for correct parameterization.

No limit to power

Modular PLCs at will to manage digital or analog inputs / outputs either monobloc mounting in the electrical panel or distributed in the machine with X-Bus drive link. Motion hardware slot for handling F / D, analog, CanOpen axes both interpolated and as independent axes. Software plc with system functions for connection with the various hardware channels. Incremental or SSI absolute encoder readings. Ethernet and / or Profinet connectivity. Thanks to the Axdev platform, everything is under your control.

CNC Hardware and Software

The CNC control unit is a key element of Hexar solutions and systems. Powerful processors with high computing capacity and an intelligent layout (with the possibility of a possible expansion) ensure the ease of integration of future changes. The PLC is programmed according to the C standard and the new Axdev development environment provides new tools for development, commissioning and maintenance. ISO language and macros from plc and tools with maximum flexibility.

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The time has come to give your industrial product a step forward.

The electronics and software are designed exclusively by Hexar, to offer the highest quality, performance and flexibility. Stepper drives to manage motors with or without encoder feedback, Plc, multi-axis numerical controls, power supplies for drives, all that is needed to add advanced features also thanks to the AxDev development environment.


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Emulatore USB per macchina da cucire Brother Serie “E”.

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The best way for industrial automation