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Stepper driver designed by Hexar to obtain high performance but at a low cost. It is possible to move the motor with the classic Step / Direction signals; the proprietary algorithm of StepSmooth allows the smooth and silent movement of the motor even with low subdivisions of microsteps (eg 1/2) this allows to obtain high speeds even with the use of PLC with basic pulse generation functions.

The driver features advanced anti-resonance and vector current management algorithms for higher performance and less heating. Through the free AxDev software, which is connected to the driver with a standard USB-B cable, it is possible to set all the driver parameters and perform engine operation tests via start / stop commands, etc. directly on the screen.

The possibility of using an encoder feedback allows to further increase the precision and speed of the movement. Furthermore, the current necessary for operation and the consequent heating decrease considerably, as the driver is able to automatically manage the current intensity in the phases based on the instantaneous torque required. With the use of the encoder, the zeroing of the axis position can be done only once when the machine is switched on, as the real position of the axis is always stored even in case of disabling the motor.

It is equipped with a USB connection to the PC for configuration and testing. Available in the basic version with power supply up to 75V, or in the version with power supply from 110 / 230V mains.

  • Proprietary anti-resonance algorithm and stall detection.
  • Step-smoothing algorithm for smooth movements in Step / Direction mode even at ½ step only.
  • Optoisolated Step / Direction / Enable inputs, Step frequency up to 1MHz.
  • Possibility of using motors with incremental encoder
  • Automatic management of current and torque
  • Microstep up to 1/256 equal to 51,200 steps / revolution for a 200 step motor.
  • Connection to PC via standard USB type B, does not require adapters or interfaces for programming
  • Current up to 6A per phase at 75V.
  • AxDev free software for configuration and testing

Typical uses:

  • High performance single driver with frequency / sign driving from external source
  • Competitive cost solution where there is no required advanced functions
  • Retrofit of machines with brushless motors at a much lower cost


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