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ST1 Driver Stepper/DC - Hexar

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Via Perini N.6 | Ostra Vetere 60010 (AN)



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ST1 Driver Stepper/DC

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Stepper driver designed by Hexar to obtain high performance but at a low cost. It is possible to move the motor with the classic Step / Direction signals; the proprietary algorithm of StepSmooth allows the smooth and silent movement of the motor even with low subdivisions of microsteps (eg 1/2) this allows to obtain high speeds even with the use of PLC with basic pulse generation functions.



The driver features advanced anti-resonance and vector current management algorithms for higher performance and less heating. Through the free AxDev software, which is connected to the driver with a standard USB-B cable, it is possible to set all the driver parameters and perform engine operation tests via start / stop commands, etc. directly on the screen.

It is equipped with a USB connection to the PC for configuration and testing. Available in the basic version with power supply up to 75V, or in the version with power supply from 110 / 230V mains.

  •  Proprietary anti-resonance algorithm and stall detection.
  • Step-smoothing algorithm for smooth movements in Step / Direction mode even at ½ step only.
  • Optoisolated Step / Direction / Enable inputs, Step frequency up to 1MHz.
  • Microstep up to 1/256 equal to 51,200 steps / revolution for a 200 step motor.
  • Connection to PC via standard USB type B, does not require adapters or interfaces for programming
  • Current up to 6A per phase at 75V.
  • AxDev free software for configuration and testin

Typical uses:

  • High performance single driver with frequency / sign driving from external source
  • Competitive cost solution where there is no required advanced functions